Rohith Pudari

PhD Student @ University of Toronto


I am a PhD student in the FORCOLAB and advised by Prof. Shurui Zhou at University of Toronto. I am particularly interested in the intersection of Machine learing and software engineering. My research focuses on using machine learning techniques to improve software development more efficient and effective, with a particular emphasis on open source communities and platforms. Please find my publications here.

I received my Master’s degree from University of Victoria, under the supervision of Prof. Neil Ernst.

Master’s Thesis

My Master’s thesis titled ‘AI Supported Software Development: Moving beyond Code Completion’ can be found here.


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selected publications

  1. ../DOSA/DOSA.png
    Aligning Documentation and Q&A Forum through Constrained Decoding with Weak Supervision
    Rohith Pudari, Shiyuan Zhou, Iftekhar Ahmed, Zhuyun Dai, and Shurui Zhou
    In 2023 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), Oct 2023
  2. ../copilot/copilot.png
    From Copilot to Pilot: Towards AI Supported Software Development
    Rohith Pudari, and Neil A. Ernst
    Oct 2023