Hi! I’m Rohith, a computer science grad student working on software engineering problems with machine learning at University of Toronto. I try to make computers as intelligent as humans. My ideal world would be computers helping humans in every way to make every human life on earth (for now just earth) as pleasant as possible. I empirically study how we know what we know, using qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods to holistically investigate the computer systems that support the production of knowledge with the help of Data. I have a particular focus on Open tech communities and institutions, such as open source software (eg: Tensorflow, Pytorch), scientific research and publications, peer production platforms(eg: stackoverflow), and social media sites.

I received my Masters from University of Victoria under the supervision of Prof. Neil Ernst. My thesis is on AI Supported Software Development: Moving beyond Code Completion.(Pdf link).


-August-2023: Our paper “Aligning Documentation and Q&A Forum through Constrained Decoding with Weak Supervision” co-authored with Shiyuan Zhou, Prof. Iftekhar Ahmed, Dr. Zhuyun Dai and Prof Shurui Zhou has been accepted to the ICSME2023-New Ideas and Emerging Results Track!.

-September-2022: I joined FORCOLAB at University of Toronto as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Shurui Zhou.

-August-2022: Graduated from University of Victoria with a Msc in Computer Science.
Thesis title: AI Supported Software Development: Moving Beyond Code Completion.

-February-2021: Joining Octera Lab.

-September-2020: Starting my Grad Studies in Computer Science at University of Victoria under supervision of Dr. Neil Ernst.

-August-2020: My BlogPost got featured in OpenMined Blog. click here to see..

Last Updated: August 2023.